Friday, March 1, 2013

I rescued this ream of 80# cover at work (they're remodeling the office and tossing stuff). "I'll give it to someone who makes cards or scrapbooks," I said to myself. Later I realized I no longer know anyone who makes cards or scrapbooks. Last week I had a How-Do-I? question while working in InDesign. I realized I no longer know anyone who does graphic design or works with Adobe Creative Suite. Just as I no longer know anyone who writes. Just as I no longer know any dog owners. I know no one.


Sayre said...

You know people. Just not a lot of local ones. Which doesn't really help, I know.

Do you still go to M & M? Perhaps they could use your card stock. I was "left" a bunch of colored papert when a co-worker was laid off and it sat around in my house for over a year before I hit on the idea of giving it to the day school at church.

Boud said...

You know one writer at least, an award winning blogwriter who also creates newsletters! who used to pay her son's significant medical bills via freelance writing....that would be me!

And I'm an artist who makes books and other items and teaches same, see my art blog. So yes, you do know people who can use material. Paper is too heavy to mail, though, so I see your point about needing local people to pass it on to.

My local library loves stuff like this for kids' and adult art programs, just a thought...