Thursday, June 16, 2016

I've given myself permission to not read Ulysses again

I think I've done my time with James Joyce. Even if it is Bloomsday today, the honoring of the day on which the activity in Ulysses happens, I'm not rereading Ulysses today, this year, or next. I'm tired of rereading Ulysses. I don't want to reread Ulysses...again. I've DONE Ulysses. So there.

While I'm at it, I've also decided to stop rereading anything by Tolstoy. I have never enjoyed reading anything by Tolstoy and I keep trying to reread Anna Karenina or War and Peace, etc., thinking that somehow I missed the goodness the first time around and will find it on the second time around, or the third time around, and I haven't. Now I have decided that there are other novels that I could be reading instead of Tolstoy and I will read them instead and be happier.

So what? you say. Well, these are big decisions for an old English major.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Saturday was good

Laura came to visit yesterday. She drove down from Utah to see family. She brought lovely flowers for me and I could tell that Buddha remembered her. It was good to see her.

I was really pleased to see her live. Sometimes I think that I exist in a dimension half in between this one and only get to interact with this dimension to pay at cash registers and then slip away again. So it was good to sit across from someone live at Dorothy Ann's Bakery and remember that I AM part of this dimension. 

Mr. Asthma has acted up both Friday night and Saturday night. Much nebulizing. With the high humidity and the heat wave came air pollution warnings, and Mr. Asthma responds well to cues. I sometimes think I need to move to some other climate. Spring and tree budding season is hard now. Winter cold air was Mr. Asthma's initial trigger. Summer grass cutting or humidity is hard now. There's a brief window in the fall, before an allergy season starts, when I can breathe. It's like Minnesota is saying, Go away. But I love the trees and I would miss the trees, even though they don't really seem to be good for me anymore.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

IKEA up-do: I painted the patio chairs

My patio is a bit dark because of the Amur Siberian maple tree. Even the concrete has been darkened by years of maple blossoms, etc. It needs all the color it can get. The $15 IKEA patio table chairs were drab. So I painted them 3 colors of paint chosen to pick up the colors in the pots and the two patio armchairs. Karen offered to apply 3 coats of polyurethane (Mr. Asthma doesn't like polyurethane).

Compare and contrast:

In position:

Patio view (the little table tops need two more coats of yellow to be brighter)

--3 sample cans of paint: $5 each, Hirachfield's
--Can of spar urethane: $20, Frattalone's Hardware, Mahtomedi
--1" Wooster brush: $10, Home Depot
--paint thinner $6.79, Frattalone's
--2 cheap, cheap, cheap brushes: 97¢ each, Walmart (I don't believe in buying crappy brushes to just throw away later, but I discovered that Mr. Asthma can't be anywhere near the paint thinner that is needed to clean polyurethane off good brushes.
--painter's tape - already had it
--150 grit sandpaper: small pack for $2.49, Ace Hardware, North St. Paul
--320 grit sandpaper: 1 sheet for $1.49, Ace Hardware, North St Paul

I have two more chairs to do.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Discovered a new park with trails

As much as I would like to move away, I do love how many parks and nature preserves the Twin Cities has. I discovered a new one today. Trail through woods, a very long wooden walkway over wetlands, more woods with trails in four directions.