Friday, April 8, 2016

Left in hurry this morning; forgot to shut bedroom door

Arrived home to this:

I must admit it's been lonely sleeping without him.

Refunds all around

Good news. My taxes are done and I don't have to pay in. Refunds all around. So that worry is crossed off the list. Next year I MUST do them earlier. Waiting until April is ridiculous. I had all the documentation I needed by mid-January. 

Btw, I spent a total of $739.94 out of pocket on prescriptions last year. Mr. Asthma is an expensive date.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Taking too long

My knees and feet are killing me! They were fine for several days (well, they're never fine anymore - let's say they weren't horrible - and Friday evening I actually felt they weren't too bad), but they were SCREAMING last night. I had a hard time walking B. I sat on 3 benches at the park. If there's been 3 more, I'd have sat on them, too. I was limping around. Painful to take a step. 

Felt very tired at work today. Drank two mugs of company coffee and it's really bad coffee. I was trying to wake up a bit, but it didn't help.

I had a hard time seeing my computer screen today. Everything was blurry. 

I shouldn't have stopped at IKEA after work - should have gone straight home, but it's right there a block away from work, and I'm trying to do one errand every day. I'm trying to organize my laundry area after my 3-compartment laundry hamper died, and IKEA has these rubbery little laundry baskets really cheap. I'd like traditional wicker laundry baskets with handles, but good ones that are made well, without splinters that poke your clothes, well, I haven't seen one like that for sale for years. I couldn't get a cart and I was carrying around these three rubbery laundry baskets on that endless loop around through the departments to get to the checkouts, and the baskets seemed inordinately heavy. I started to feel very parched and a little shaky in IKEA, but they only sell little tiny bottles of water for $1.25 each and it was such a ripoff that I left and bought a liter of water at the Holiday station by the airport that is a entrance/exit logistics FAIL and drank the whole thing in the parking lot. Then I went back in and bought another. 

Now I'm home and the sky is blue tonight before the rain to come. B wants a walk, but I'm just not up to it.

I've been falling apart for some time now, don't you think? "Falling apart" sounds like a quick, dynamic process. Dramatic. Never thought it would take so long. 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Restrooms at Hyvee convenience store have no outside handles or knobs

It was disorienting. There are two stalls only and both have no outside handles or knobs. The hardware didn't seem to be missing or broken, just not there at all. It was interesting to me how hesitant I was to just push on the stall door to open it. 

Restrooms have become more complicated in recent years. Is there a lever to flush the toilet, a button to push, or does it automatically flush when it senses you've removed your backside?  Do you turn a flywheel or pull down to get a paper towel, or wave your hand pass the red laser dot? Even the faucets take a moment to figure out. Some of them more than a moment. Sometimes the faucet is manual but the soap dispenser is activated by a handwaving.  The paper towel dispensers at work have the red laser dot but are installed on the wall just right for most people's shoulders to set them off as they walk past to the stalls and then again as they walk out.  

Sunday, March 27, 2016