Friday, March 20, 2015

A gift came in the mail

It's from Sarah over at Sayre Smiles via TeaSource! The closeup is of Prairie Passion blend. I don't usually care for green tea, but this blend of black, green, and fruit is great. And it's in a tin! I love tins. I love Irish Breakfast, too. Good and hearty. The little sample pack has several heart-shaped compressed pieces of Dark Rose Tea. Evidently, you use one per cup. I've never tried this kind before and I'm interested to see what it's like. If it's horrible, I'll put the remaining pieces in a sachet in my underwear drawer! Tea is never wasted in my house. The Prairie Passion smells wonderful, too. TeaSource has three locations in the Twin Cities. I love their tea. I also love their shops. You can order to go or sit and drink a pot. They're the shop that has their chai tea bland in a clear glass samovar-like thing that has a centrifugal motor or something. The chai tea swirls. It's close-to-real chai tea, too. Not that fakey-sugary stuff. Thank you, Sayre!